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Friends Only.

Friends Only

Due to my increasing levels of paranoia, I've decided I'm going to make this journal Friends Only ... again. Post a comment here and you will most likely be added. No complaining if you're not, though.
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Is it really paranoia, or is it the dislike of intrusion by unpleasant jerks? Either way, I hope this is a good solution for you. =)
A little from column A, a little from column B.

I hope so, too.
So I'm a friend? Thanx :)

Thought you forgotten about me...V_V

Read my post. It's so awesome. Reply to it please? Thanx
I can't believe you would kick me off the list man.
Just because I don't post in a topic.

The list? Topic?
Hi there Vague Rant
Thanks for your active involvement on Wikipedia. A query concerning FMA and Leo Gaje. His lineage is true and dedicated,and very relevant to students of kuntao and silat. So just wondered why you've removed the page about him?
What's the problem?
And do you know any members of Pekiti-Tirsia international who could assist with your copyright issue?
mudthang AT
Hello! I'm TheCustomOfLife (Mike H) on Wikipedia.

Can I read? My journal's totally locked off too so if you add me, I'll add ya back. ;-)
Hey, saw you around on Wikipedia, you seem like an interesting guy. I promise not to behave badly, you can get rid of me if I do.