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25 July
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The WeatherPixieHey there, my name's Scott. I'm from Melbourne, Australia, and I'm studying in my senior year at high school. I enjoy reading, games, music, movies, the Internet, you know. As for specifics, I guess I enjoy 1984 and Catch-22, anything Nintendo, anything Beatles, Aladdin, GameFAQs and Wikipedia, respectively. Oh!, and I love finger knitting. I've recently been looking around for a job, nothing found yet, but fingers crossed, eh? No idea what I'd do with the money, probably spend it, but it'd be nice for the twelve minutes that I actually had it. Anyway, that's most of what there is to me, so welcome, and I'll see you next time you're down here, shall I?

Ten Mistakes Writers Don't See (But Can Easily Fix When They Do)
- added August 12, 2004

Get your good self in either of these directions if you value your security:

- added October 17, 2004

US-CERT Vulnerability Note VU#713878
- added October 20, 2004
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